Why is Crosbie Walsh such a Fiji coup apologist?

Mr Crosbie

Dear Sir

I refer to your blog, for which I have had the unenviable task of visiting recently.

From having a general review of your blog I have the following to report: I think is all good and well to sit back and report on a journalist’s remarks that: “it isn’t all that bad… there is running water and two buildings got built in Nadi… so they must be doing a good job.”

But this is all still drivel. Yes, the journalist must have been very honored and chuffed to have met with Aiyaz.

In addition, I agree with his sentiments, Aiyaz is not the devil. Yes, Frank is also not the devil. They are our people, the people of Fiji. So we have to take responsibility for their upbringing and demise.

But we don’t have to condone their actions or beliefs. They are, to put it mildly, self-deluded criminals with an expansive belief in their own ineptitude as a method of forgiving their sins.

What they have done is to remove all the choices we ever had: freedom of speech, government, media and passage.

They have introduced a culture of fear into our social lives. We cannot talk politics, government, military or society anymore.

They have done this with all knowledge, malice and planning – it is no accident that they intend to remove any and all criticism of or questions concerning their criminal cabal.

I query why you, and your ilk, seem unable to appreciate or even pause to think that what you write about concerns our lives? Our future? This is not balanced “reporting”, despite the title to your blog.

I am not sure where you are, how many people there are required to make one “you” (one barracks?), or what particular part of this planet earth you inhabit when you write your inane posts but you should be ashamed for having committed them to text.

The dictatorship, or “the government”, you comment so sweetly about is a corruption, not only in what they purport to stand for but for the decay they represent in Fiji’s moral values – what is power and money – we need to appreciate that power and money do not result from this abhorrent violence and use of force that Frank and Aiyaz represent.

Perhaps all of Fiji needs to be re-educated as to what government is – it is not enough to simply have it taken away and claiming that a dictator knows best.

Stuff  that.

Where is your sense of righteous indignation?

Where are, to coin a phrase from a Western, “your balls”?

What is it that they did to, said to or paid you to make you roll over and play dead to your own rights?

If it is, in your final analysis, that the Military Dictatorship has done something beautiful, wise and happy for the people of Fiji, please mention it. [No, believe it or not, two buildings in Nadi are not enough to show this – show me evidence of corruption or abuse of power or the good works of the powers that be.]

In any event, do you really, truly, honestly believe that this military dictator will release it’s grip on wealth and power in 2014?

Are you that naive or simply so blase with the rights and freedoms of another people in a land too far removed to actually give a shit?

For your information, I am a young person. I am less than 30 years old, living in a country run by an idiotic and fundamentally brutal dictatorship.

I would have liked to have been involved in the politics and good governance of my nation if I had been given the chance. The military dictatorship has taken this, and our other freedoms from us.

If I wanted to, my choice would be to line up with the military and attempt to justify my life OR to seek social justice for my friends and family in other forms.

SO EVEN IF Fiji has an election in 2014 this will mean that there will have been an entire generation of young people that is going to grow up used to asking for favors from government figures, used to taking orders from government figures, to having decrees issued about their fundamental freedoms and living under martial law.

So when they have their magical elections in 2014, how do you think they will vote? With freedom?

Do the lessons of other dictatorships creeping slowly out of dictatorships into weak democracies make you feel warm inside?

It is a disgusting prospect. It should make your stomach turn and your eyes weep.

Sir, I would ask that you take a short break to consider a reply, if you have any, to the above.

You should reconsider your motivations and thoughts for the end, and the beginning, of a new year.

As they say, the new year is often the time for turning over a new leaf – so must we all.

Kind regards



Dr Mere Samisoni takes a pot-shot at Crosbie Walsh.

<7/11/09 In his defense of the inexcusable illegal appointment of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as Fiji’s new (illegal) President, Professor Crosbie Walsh quoted me in his Pacific.Scoop blog 5th November 2009.

I was actually Crosbie-Walsh’s student for one unit, Development Studies, when reading for my MBA at USP. Whatever Crosbie-Walsh’s personal opinion of me as a student, I survived his teaching methods to achieve my Doctorate, amused that he still feels the need to mark my work: “in a rambling disjointed statement … she then calls for elections.”

If my expression so offends Crosbie-Walsh, he may wish to remember that I, like most Pacific people, have English as a second language. I can express myself in English, but everything else, thoughts, analyses and aspirations, are ka dina Fijian. How interesting that an appointed Professor of Pacific Studies finds it necessary to get snobbish in the face of true Pacific thinking.

The issue stated in my analysis is that in the vision, mission and the selection of Epeli Nailatikau, democracy has been raped by the illegal illegitimate regime. To quote Brij Lal when interviewed by ABC, after he was verbally abused and ejected by the Military, no rape is good.

Crosbie Walsh needs to understand, is that there are now many local Pacific experts with much more to offer the process of modernization of their respective countries and the Pacific as we find our own road to development. We don’t need the gun, and we don’t need a self-seeking pseudo-dynasty.

Look at the process when our legitimately appointed Vice President, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, was unceremoniously removed along with the people’s legally elected Multi Party Cabinet led by the SDL deposed Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase.

Since the coup of 2006, there has been a consistently invasive pattern of interference by the Executive over the Legislator. We even have an illegally appointed judiciary. Successful government must have separation of powers between the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, and that separation must not be interfered with. Our situation in Fiji, from Nailatikau’s illegal appointment right through to lack of qualified judges and insufficient medical supplies, is a direct result of the jumbling of those powers with a heavy dash of military interference. Accordingly, for public good, one cannot be Judge, Jury and Executioner.

 Looking at his blog, Crosbie-Walsh clearly supports a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to governance, as does the illegal regime. But how can this illegal government measure its performance if it refuses to see our communities in all their diversity? It’s like giving a value for the average income in Fiji but only using the income figures of the richest 50% and neglecting to factor in the entire working population (including unpaid workers). An illegal regime can cook up all kinds of faux statistics, but what really counts, is what happens on the ground, and what the people want.

My “Miscarriage of Justice” article is a call for elections and stands for action, in light of the IIR continuing to the rape our democracy with the appointment and swearing in of the illegal President, and possibly enduring past 2014.

The negative side of human nature – greed – has unjustly tarnished the good reputation of the Fiji Military Forces and those highly decorated professional soldiers, who would vote the illegal Voreqe Bainimarama out. This is not theoretical rambling but real life manipulation of the few against the best interests of the many. I hope the International community will continue to pressure through TRUTH and DEMOCRACTIC RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF FIJI.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni, SDL elected Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006). p>

by Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni 

15/10/09Dr. Runoko Rashidi is talking about human values, that is not written but connected by oral history in the language, culture and traditions of what I term, the science and art of strategy making under market differentiation. Market differentiators is about the “who, what, how, when and why we are” – age, education level, location, race, religion, interests, health status, sports status etc., etcThese are the DNA of a group of people and a country in relation to context, perspective and valued customer aspirations. These cannot be removed and made sterile as is Voreqe Bainimarama’s (VB) illegal interim regime (IIR, 10th April 2009) through his biased program, “The Peoples Charter” or what I call John Samy and the Military Junta’s Charter. They want to remove race. This “racist bias” is NOT Statistically significant. In other words the IRR is using the race card or an insignificant variable, to justify bias, fear, the “demons” or the down side of human nature to justify their emotive and illegal position. Thank God for his natural given “talents and ability” to prove VB wrong.The statistics (Samisoni 2008, Nawaikula 2009) support Rashidi in the above utube presentation. The message for the 21st century needs, is inclusivity of the human values (our language) and sacred aspirations (our humanity) of the marginalized in the economy for the development of human and social capital taking into account self worth sourced from the hearts and minds of local communities in order to sustain globalization.

So, when 57% of the population made up of Indigenous Fijians (IF) who own 93% of the land and sea resources but own only 21% of the business wealth, in Fiji today means marginalization of ownership of capital which has not added value to our survival as an ethnic group BUT added high cost and high risk to our very extinction. What IF Leader would not want to address this crisis???

Indeed, Prime Minster Laisenia Qarase SDL led Multi-Party Cabinet (MPC), rose to the occasion, to address the skewed distribution through Strategic Development Plans 2002 – 2006 rolled over to 2011 that also complied with WTO Structural Reforms, The Paris Declaration 2004, 2005 and the Pacific Plan 2005.

But something very radically sinister in human nature took over to justify a gun totting one man Dictator with his “elite supporters” to abuse the system and overrule the democratic institutions and legal processes designed to sustain the power of the people. Greed for power, money and status is the motive behind this “bubble” which has no moral foundation and is therefor ready to now burst in their faces.

Especially when IFs, as a collectivist networking group have so much “to offer from our sharing and caring social capital” to the 21st century needs of a connected global economy.

Accordingly, I will repeat and repeat that, the groundswell support for market differentiation and customer human values for public security and good is the 21st Century justice. Like the 3rd wave tsunami it will flatten VB and his IIR, who are using the “people as their pawns”. Technology is on our side. Make no mistake about this as history has already been written to listen and serve the wisdom of the majority.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni deposed SDL member for Lami Open Constituency.


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